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Account Self-Registration


MiTek University is now offering Account Self-Registration to reduce creation time and to prevent data entry errors.  The process for creating an account is provided below. 
·     Self-registration requires every student to have a valid email address.
·     Please allow 24 hours for the self-registration process to complete.
·     Self-registration is available to students using US or Canadian software only.


1)  Click this link to open the Register Now page: Account Registration

2)  Enter the appropriate information within the required field marked with a red asterisk (*).

·     Both the User Name and E-mail Address fields MUST be unique from all other existing users on MiTek University.

·     A warning will appear below any field that is required, invalid, or already in use.

3)  Click the Register button at the bottom left and the following message will appear:

User Account Pending Activation 
Your account is pending activation, and is currently in the process of being reviewed.

At this point the account has been created but you will not have access to MiTek University until your registration is reviewed.  Please allow 24 hours for this to occur.

4)  After your registration is reviewed, an Approval or Rejection Notification will be sent to the email address you provided.  Please ensure that the address donotreply@simplydigi.com is not being blocked by your spam filter.

5)  After your account has been approved, return to www.MiTekUniversity.com and click the Login link displayed at the top, and then enter your account credentials.

6)  Click the Home link from left-hand navigation bar.  Important new user info (including course enrollment) will be posted on the homepage that is displayed.

7)  Finished.


If you have any questions regarding your MiTek University account or finding training material, please contact us at:

·   Email: mitekuadmin@mii.com

·   Please include your User Name and Company/Organization name.



MiTek University Admin


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